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Wheelie Bin Stench Remedies

This is a problem of all of us. We have all encountered it and we will all encounter it again, most likely. Well not if we take absolutely every tip that we are about to read and implement it on our own. However, I find this a bit extreme. The reason we are combining all of those tips and tricks to prevent the bins from smelling is for you to choose the best  for yourself. You...

Replace the plastic straw with a proper alternative

The beginning of “cocktail season” who would not enjoy a cold drink at the end of the hard working day under the sun. It is time to get near the pool and enjoy a couple of drinks with friends, go on a vacation, visit the beach,...

Recycling Symbols and Meaning

Recycling Symbols and Their Meaning in the UK Today here at Tom’s Junk Collectors we decided to make a little piece about the many symbols you see on your groceries, electronics, clothes and any other products you buy. Of course, we are here to bring some light over their meaning as well. Bare in mind that we will take under accounting only the symbols that...

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