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Recycling Symbols and Meaning

Recycling Symbols and Their Meaning in the UK Today here at Tom’s Junk Collectors we decided to make a little piece about the many symbols you see on your groceries, electronics, clothes and any other products you buy. Of course, we are here to bring some light over their meaning as well. Bare in mind that we will take under accounting only the symbols that have something to...

Interesting Recycled Plastic Products

As professionals in the niche, we are well aware that recycling is our first and most valuable goal. By processing compounds and materials, once used, and putting them again in use by the community, we are giving those materials a second chance. Second...

Seabin - Waste Management in the World Ocean

If we can have a rubbish bin on land then why not have one in water With that simple thought began the long way towards “Seabin”. You can clearly see the idea behind...

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