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Electronic Waste or E-Waste : The Worst Of The Worst

Electronic Waste has a huge impact on waste management! Why is that? Well for starter almost 80% of E-Waste is actually legit spare parts or even working devices that could be reused by someone. The appliances that we simply throw away could be of a big help to someone else. A wise man once said: One mans trash is another man's treasure. What do we classify as E-waste? ...

Shipwrecks and the Recycling of Ships

Shipwrecks are unavoidable "evil" if you may. Every ship found at the bottom of the ocean is nothing less than an economic catastrophe. Tons of steel, years of hard work and dedication and the loads on that ship, all that lost for good. The intentions of this here post are to simply give you an idea of the amount of metal and steel buried deep underwater, never to be extracted.To make the...

How Much Food Do Brits Waste?

Food waste is one of the world’s biggest environmental and economic problems.  And while food waste levels of underdeveloped countries are lower, developed countries (like the UK) have tremendous levels of food waste. Since scientists are just starting to develop ways to recycle all that food waste - mainly by turning it into animal food and energy, we must...

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