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Reviews on Tom's Junk Collectors' Services

It might be viewed as a dirty business by some, but our customers know they can rely on us to make their lives a little bit cleaner, a little bit better. We get outstanding reviews because we understand that it's our customers' needs that always have to come first.

Here we present some of our recent London waste removal testimonials:

I have just disposed of all my old appliances! Washing machine, oven, and a small freezer. The guys took out everything and loaded it quickly and with no hassle. They were even polite enough to help with getting the new stuff in their places, which was totally not their work. Thank you!

Review raitingReviewed by on Nov 2, 2017

Super friendly staff and quick customer service! The team was polite, fast and efficient. They executed my house clearance with ease, and I had a lot to throw away. I do that once every year, next time it is you guys again!

Review raitingReviewed by on Feb 13, 2017

Just got my rubbish clearance in the garage. Me and the guys sorted the things in there quickly and they took away everything that I want need. It is great, I finally have a place to work with. I wanted to do that a long time ago, but the thought of lifting those chunks of metal set me off. Thanks!

Review raitingReviewed by on Feb 10, 2017

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We care about the environment

We can proudly say that we do all in our power to recycle the waste we clear. We are among the few home support companies that care about the environment and that is another reason we are preferred by so many customers. We execute our rubbish clearance and waste collection in an environmentally-friendly matter.

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Simply give us a call now on 020 3404 6996 to hear more about the reasons we get such great reviews. You can also get in touch with us via our online chat support facility, or through our online booking form. No matter how you choose to get in touch, we'll be glad to offer you a free instant quote on each and every service we provide. We offer competitive prices, great customer care and a comprehensive range of waste removal services, serving entire London.