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Wheelie Bin Stench Remedies

This is a problem for all of us. We have all encountered it and we will all encounter it again, most likely. Well not if we take absolutely every tip that we are about to read and implement it on our own. However, I find this a bit extreme. The reason we are combining all of those tips and tricks to prevent the bins from smelling is for you to choose the best for yourself. You will not always have everything needed to wash the bin or neutralise the smell underhand, so you will have to use whatever you have. Not all of those methods are 100% effective, in fact, most of them are not. You can't expect them to be either. But if you combine a few and make them “join forces” sort of speak you will achieve the needed effect! So, who has a stinking bin in front of his home that needs to be thought some manners? Let’s go!

Stinking rubbish wheelie bin

Wheelie Bin Cleaning Of Course

The most effective way to get rid of your smelling bin is by giving it a proper wash! Sorry, that is the truth. It is import to do it properly tho. Quick rinsing after using the bin for a couple of months won’t do the trick. You have to get to the needy greedy in order to get the job done. Grab a hard brush, a bucket of hot water and some soap. Lay the bin on its side and get to business. Scrub hard, especially the bottom of the bin, that is where all the nasty juices combine. If you have the opportunity, use a pressure washer. Careful not to spray directly on the inside wall of the bin while looking in it. This will cover your face in smelly water, unpleasant. Tip the bin on its side once again and spray inside, pay good attention to the bottom. After that, rinse, scrub, soap, scrub and rinse again. That must be enough. After you have your bin clean you may benefit some of the other tips. By doing so you will prolong the freshness of your just washed bin and avoid cleaning it again in near future.

Natural Remedies

Baking Soda

Box of baking soda

After your bin has just been emptied, go and sprinkle some baking soda on the bottom. Add some water to start a reaction and leave it for a bit. The baking soda will dissolve any build ups from your leaking rubbish and it will cleanse the bin from the inside. You can mix some more and quickly scrub the walls of your bin. This will refresh thing inside and leave it ready for your next badge of domestic leftovers.

Citruses as Rubbish Bin Perfume

Many citruses

If your bin is having a bit of funky odour, but it is not full on stinking yet. You can fight off the smell with a couple of lemon or orange slices or just the peelings. Throw them randomly inside you rubbish bad and the citrus smell will mask the odour of your rubbish. However this is not a permanent solution, but it will do well for a couple of days till your collection day comes.

Vinegar Natural Disinfectant And Smell Cure

Bottle of vinegar

Vinegar has proven his value a long time ago, often used as a base for different homemade cleaning remedies it has some cleaning power as well as the ability to kill bacteria and sanitize. This is why it works just as well as a bin cleaning solutions, also! Again, after you rubbish has been collected, spray some vinegar on the wall of your bin and wipe it off. After that fill in the bin with vinegar! Not to the top of course, just enough to cover the bottom. Leave it like that until the next day. Remember to leave the lid open! Also, if possible leave it under sunlight, the UV rays will help the vinegar dissolve the filth and kill even more bacteria. On the next day rinse the bin, give it a quick wash with ordinary soap if you like and you are ready!

Lemon Balm Drops and Bicarb Soda

Lemon balm

Put them in a jar or other container, shake them together and sprinkle the solution inside the bin. There is no need to rinse that one off. Just leave it there to neutralize bad smells. You can do this after each rubbish collection, preferably after at least quick washing the bin.

Vanilla Essence is a Reek Corrective

Vanilla in wooden cases

I personally love the scent of vanilla and for those of you who also do this remedy might be your favorite. Again, this won’t do if your bin is absolutely reeking of rotting biowaste. On the other side, the scent of vanilla is pretty strong and it will cover up most bad odours.

Ground Coffee as Stench Preventive

Grounded coffee

Freshly grounded coffee is a remedy with double effect. First of all and a lot, obvious grounded coffee has a super strong scent and it acts as a natural aromatizer. The scent of coffee is enough to delude even professionally trained dogs, so your nose will hardly notice the stench from the rubbish while covered in coffee. The second effect of grounded coffee is that it dries out stuff around it. Much like those humidity contraptions. Humidity = bacteria, bacteria = bad smells, so that is a win-win for grounded coffee. All you need to do is spread it on the bottom of your freshly rinsed bin and throw some in your bag of rubbish.

Sunlight Kills Odour Bacteria

Never underestimate the power of some good sunlight. UV rays will kill most smells and odours. Keep in mind that you should leave your bin under direct sunlight only when you are leaving it to dry or when you have soaked the bottom in vinegar. Leaving a bin full of rubbish under the sun will only make the situation worst. Does sunlight really kill bacteria? You can see for yourself. Look at the research that a scientist did on her own in her home with stuff that we use every day like towels and plates. Her research is deep enough to give an answer to the question.

Killing Smelly Bacterias With Bleach

Bleach bottles on a shelf

You can’t go wrong with that… It is neutralized with salt water, so it is actually pretty harmless to the environment. Don’t inhale too much tho, it is NOT harmless to you! Bleach is a good sanitizer, it kills a large portion of bacteria. It is not a good aromatizer, as you probably know. Wash your bin with a solution of water and bleach, and rinse it afterward with soapy water and another quick rinse with clean water to get rid of any foam. This method can do well as an initial clean of your rubbish bin.

Prevent Bad Smells With Cat Litter

Cat litter granules

Cat litter is easy to find and it absorbs humidity well. It is also made to absorb bad smells. It is your fellow cat’s toilet after all. Dump the containings of a cat litter bag on the bottom of your bin, if you have just washed it wait for it to completely dry. Don't forget to throw some inside of your rubbish bag as well.

Sprays Preventing Rubbish Odours

There are a number of products that claim to neutralize rubbish stench from your bins. Usually in the form of sprays that are made to be sprayed on the walls and lid of your bin. The effect of those products is a team of debates in the community. Some say that they are better, some claim that homemade remedies are doing the same, if not, better job. We leave that to you to try for yourselves.

Citronella Oil as Rubbish Smell Repellent

Citronella grass

It is one of, if not the most used oils in aromatherapy. It is also used as a massage oil to treat patients with arthritis. Citronella oil has multiple benefits as well. First of all its use in aromatherapy has proven the benefits and the endurance of its scent. It will beat the smell of your last night's fish now dissolving in your rubbish. Citronella oil is also a natural insect repeller. In fact, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies it as a biopesticide with a non-toxic mode of action. So it not only keeps bad odours away, it also keep flies from laying maggots in your bins! Again WIN-WIN situation.

A couple of tips:

In conclusion, we can only advise you to regularly clean your rubbish bins. It is the only way to get rid of smells on 100% guarantee. The cost of professional wheelie bin cleaning is more than affordable. Actually, on the monthly schedule, it gets even cheaper! If you want to save your trouble, please check out our wheelie bin cleaning page and look at the price afterward. We will be more than happy to assist you in your busy day to day race with never ending duties. If you chose not to benefit our services at least we will have a clean conscience, knowing we have provided a deep walkthrough on fresh bins on the DIY basis.


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