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Three Innovations Against Rubbish Pollution

The items listed below are simple ideas that have the potential to get the levels of litter on the streets and nature parks to much lower levels.

We find more and more, great ideas about regulating the pollution of our environment. It is a truly pressing matter and in order to keep our planet, we need to change the world as we know it. Now, after that last sentence, you probably dream about dramatically, core change. But please remind yourself that the devil is hidden in the details.

Anyway! Facts are facts the business is turning around the very idea to produce and make popular products that would help the cause. They actually don't need to put a lot of work into marketing the product. People are well aware of worldwide pollution and they seek products with less and less impact on the environment.

We will toward your attention today on businesses, big, bigger and small, that started with the simple idea of producing a product that will be helpful, eco-friendly and useful.

Let's kick things off with our first simple and yet brilliant idea.

Leaf Republic - The Plate Thate That Reduces The Number Of Plastic Plates In Our Litter

Leaf Republic ProductsPicture from: Amazon

The Leaf Republic believes that the key to reducing litter is in the way we pack things. Sound logical, right? They have developed something unique for the mass production. A plate that is absolutely free of any harmful materials. No glue, no plastics, nothing! And the best thing is that it is biodegradable as a normal leaf... What?! Yes! The plate is entirely made out of leaves and leaves only. 

The project is on “Kickstarter” and you may still have the chance to get your lifetime supply of leaf plates.

The product is ideal for people that go on camping, hiking or just love to have a meal amongst nature. The best thing that could happen is for those plates to be adopted by big brands and for them to fully replace plastic products.

You can buy your pack of 15plates for around 10pounds on Amazon. A bit costly, yes, but the idea behind it is brilliant and once that product gets into mass production the cost will drastically drop.

You can find their products on "Amazon". To learn more about the idea visit their website: Leaf Republic

Refill Not Landfill - The Water Bottle For You To Keep

Green Naglene water bottle.
Picture from: Amazon

The idea behind this project at first was to create a plastic bottle that is leak proof, shock resistant and that is not leaking chemical substances into, whatever is inside. A jar like that had the potential to turn in a vastly searched product with a few tweaks. It all started with Emanuel Goldenberg, who first created a plastic pipette jar. He founded the “Nalgene” company.

In the 60's a lab worker from the company took plastic jars into the wild. He was into hiking and having a trusted container that he could refill on the go was something that he was in great need, so why not?! Eventually, in the 70's the company decided to charge fully in that niche and market their product to those with an adventurous spirit. Hikers, snowboarders, fisherman, anyone who likes to spend more time among nature.

Today the product is an interest of, well, everybody. If you go for long walks, jogging some other kind of activity. Even if you are sitting all day at the office you still might need a companion like “Nalgene” to just carry around and always provide you with fresh water supply. And it is not carved in stone that you have to put water in it, pour your daily dose of coffee and enjoy it while traveling to work. Simply rinse your bottle and fill it with water. Remember that is very important to keep yourself hydrated even if you are not engaging in physical activity.

But the main purpose is to use the product as a water bottle, and a huge step up of it is that it has an app! Yes, everything is working with apps these days. The “Nalgene” app is working as your water source guide, it tracks the amount of water you drink when you drink the most and tons of features.

How does this product help with keeping our nature pollution free? When it comes to people spending time in the wild, they kinda always had this mentality, “whatever you bring in the forest you take it out!” and the problem is rarely in that group. Anyway, when it comes to people living the fast life of the city, things come and go and no one cares where they go. But when you take an ordinary water bottle and turn it into a valuable “smart” bottle, things change all of a sudden.

To learn more about their products and company history check them out at Nalgene . They have tons of different designs, a lot of different types of bottles that comes in so many shapes and sizes. There is no way for you not to find that special piece of gear you have always wanted.

Bin Strap - Keep The Lid On Litter

A BinStrap holding the lid on a green rubbish bin.Picture from: Amazon

It gets simpler and simpler and more genius with each step. This “BinStrap” project is selling big in the UK and it has proven its value.

The idea behind it is very simple. Mount your trusted BinStrap on your bin and whenever you throw out excessive amounts of rubbish you can simply push it to compress it a bit and strap on with BinStrap. It will prevent the lid to pop open, which can save you a lot of trouble...

The company is actually a family project. It all started with father and son working together!

Gaelan and Joseph Goodfellow (what a fitting name) started the project in 2010. The product has several benefits. First of all, it gives your bin better presentation. Second, it stops animals from getting to your rubbish and spreading it all around. Third, if for some reason your bin is tipped over all of the litter will stay put, inside your bin. This stops the spreading of litter around your premises, prevents animals from consuming rubbish that might be harmful to them and overall bins look organised. The way it works is super simple and is fully explained with a single picture:

A scheme of the way BinStrap is mounted

Picture from: BinStrap

Products like that one may have popped out around in past times, but the execution of “BinStrap” is way better. They have their own site, they stay behind their beliefs and they are active on social media if you need to contact them. Help this Galway, Ireland born idea and get your BinStrap

In Conclusion. We wait for more products like those to surface the market and we hope they get smarter and more effective in our battle with pollution. We would always be by your side in this endeavor. Whenever you can't handle your rubbish, green waste, household rubbish call Tom's Rubbish Clearance Teams to sort it all out.


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