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Home Design And Scrap Metal Sculptures

As you are well aware, we are always giving the proper thumbs up to a great recycle idea. Anything that improves the levels of any kind of waste management deserves our admiration. Today we chose to meet you with some of the best scrap metal artists out there!

Note: We didn’t want another article about the most famous artist or the biggest sculptures. We want to present to you a couple of people with enormous talent, that are welding together pieces of art, worthy to stand on your nightstand or in the middle of your eyesight, right after you enter your home. And most importantly, we want you to be able to contact those people and get your hands on those sculptures.

For us upcycling must be approachable, you have to be able to admire it up close, it has to turn something unuseful into something beautiful, practical or even both, and it has to be affordable. Why affordable? Well, so we could all be a part of something bigger. And the artists listed below can really create something that worth your money and time! See for yourself, we are sure you would find something to your liking!

Kern Creations

Butterfly made from recycled metal

Let us begin with Jordan Kalinowski, an artist from Amsterdam. We found his artwork on Imgur. The piece that really popped out and is a great piece of decor was a gorgeous scrap metal butterfly with LED underlet (the one from the picture above). It has a chain attached for hanging it on the wall and the real magic happens when you turn those lights on. The wings of the butterfly just light up and illuminate all around. Kalinowski is probably not your ordinary interior design expert. However, judging from his Imgur profile, if you need to “remodel” your vehicle, he is the guy to call. This butterfly, apparently, was a challenge to him, as he says himself. Well Jordan, great work on that challenge! The artist does not have an online store, but after a pretty please with a cherry on top and a short talk with numbers, he may just send out that lovely piece of scrap decor to you and believe us, you would be happy with it! Anything from a spark plug pen to a beer opener, this artist covers them all! You can find him @KernCreations13

Raymond Guest

Recycled truck front bumper

Raymond has a huge amount of scrap metal art just waiting to find its new owner. He has established himself in the industry and is selling openly on his E-shop. The vast variety of different types of upcycled art is stunning. Most of his sculptures are for placement in your gardens or backyards, but of course, you have your home decor crafts also. Imagine that truck front end sticking out of your wall. That piece is truly made for wall placement, no lie there. Raymond is active on social media, so you could also give him a thumbs up for his work and browse around his shop for your next favorite thing in the house.

Peter Harries

Rebel fighter jet made from a drive shaft

If you are reading this content you are most likely from the UK and we are proud to say that Peter is also! He has dedicated his work to create not only great looking things, they are also practical. Do you want a scrap metal night lamp? No, problem! How about some cool looking decoration for your desk. Do you love motorcycles? No, problem again! How about this scrap made a tiny jet fighter to bright up your mood in the office and call "The Force" within. Peter also has an online shop and the prices are reasonable. Having in mind the amount of work he puts in his creations.

Load of old Scrap Art

Hummingbird made from forks and other metal waste

Another UK based artist that is working for the better environment and best looking homes. His name is Nick and his workshop is located in Somerset. You can visit his website and browse the gallery. Nick is always ready to make a sculpture. Even better he could make it from your ideas, just for you. @ALoadOfOldScrapThis scrap metal sculpture draws more and more attention and the artist get more and more creative. They are ideal for a present and a great finish of your home decor. On top of all that they keep some rusty old car parts, tools and who knows what away from the landfills! Scavenge your garage for any unwanted scraps and call us in as your House Clearance guys in London. We will arrange for your scraps to go for recycling and who knows, maybe they will fall into the skilled hands of some of those artists. You could even buy them back after time without even realizing it!


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