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Smart Bins And The Rubbish Collection Business

Technology develops more and more opportunities in front of businesses in every niche. It provides us with tools to execute our jobs better, understand our clients and their needs even without talking directly to them. That sound a bit Sci-Fi right? Well, whether you like it or not it is a possibility. Even now, while you are scrolling through this article information about your behavior is being collected and will probably suggest some content on a similar topic for you to read next.

Yes, it may be a bit scary at first, but when you think about it, it is all being done just so we can be better informed, satisfied and lose less time in searching for what we need.

Smart Bins And What They Mean For Domestic Rubbish Removal

When it comes to rubbish removal until recent days we had no way of knowing what service you need without you personally calling our phones and tell us directly. With the latest battalion of smart bins, however, that might change.

A company based in the United Kingdom called “BigBelly” had created a bin fully capable of knowing how full it is and feed that information to whoever has to empty it. In our case, if you as our client had a bin like that we could have known how full it is and come take care of it when needed. All that without you even having to think about it!

How is it Possible and Why

The bin has detectors built in it that scan the inside of it and understands the level it is filled to. It can also compress the waste inside in order to fit even more and in that way optimise its capacity. In a way that will save you money, the collection team won’t come on a scheduled basis, but only when you really need it. This way it will even ease their schedule free time that could be invested in other matters. The mayor of Leeds had a vision for his bin collection scheme and on paper, it looks pretty effective. He and the Leeds City Council have implemented that smart system and are now bearing the fruits of it! They even claim that in a very short time period, around three weeks, the results are already visible. More on that case here.

In order for this system to work correctly it needs a complicated system of servers, smart bins, that are capable of communicating with connection points (via Wi-Fi) or Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN) and from those points the information is delivered to a server and from the server presented visually to a team that will then have to organise the work of its task force, collection teams. All this happening in real time!

A chart that explains how the bin communicates with the collection team.

We can see how boroughs and even whole cities can implement those technologies and bring a better quality of services to its citizens. On the other hand, as a business, you would need a serious amount of investments to build a strong, reliable system that will work in your favor. The bins themselves are powered by a solar panel on the top, which eliminates the need for power supplying those devices. Which would be rather difficult considering their far positioning from the property in most cases.

What is Stopping Rubbish Collection Businesses to Operate With Smart Bins

Even with its undeniable perks, building that web seems a bit of a stretch for businesses, at least for now. Keep in mind that we have no official statement from a company providing such a services, about what would be the rough amount of investment for a company like ours to acquire such technology and the supporting software. When you think about it they are specifically designing solution for smart CITIES, therefore the target lands away from the services industry. No doubt we can implement the technology on a smaller scale. Let’s take on skip bins for instance. It is possible to install a detector similar to the one that Big Belly and its brothers are using. It might be an older generation or whatever, all it needs to do is send a single to the headquarters when the bin is full. If you as a client have some sort of deal with the company to rent that bin for three weeks and they need to empty it every time it is full. A done deal! The detector is working, you don’t call to confirm every fill up and you are happy with an easier service. In our case, we strive to eliminate the very acquisition of a skip bin. We come whenever we are needed, load everything and just get it away from your property. It might be a one time deal it might be on a weekly basis, but so far everything could be predicted without the need of a fancy detector that will only raise up the price of the service. And we don’t want that!

You need a service like ours when things get a bit out of hand when you spontaneously decide to clear your house from all the rubbish you were harboring or suddenly decided it is time to get rid of the old furniture. We can go on and on with different possibilities, the main idea is that that need comes suddenly and we have to deliver as soon as possible without no way for us or even you, to predict the next time when we are going to meet. The thing is that when we talk about government workers, a waste of time just to check if your bin is full or not is just not practical. Those teams could be elsewhere, somewhere that they are really needed and we as citizens provide them with work through our personal signals, complains and other. But when it comes to your home you can address directly at a company like ours and from that point on you are a customer and we would be exactly where needed!

Rubbish Collecting Routes With And Without a Smart Bin System

Rubbish Collection Route Without The Information From a Smart Bin

This would be your normal route if you have to collect garbage from the cities bins. Every time you are dealing with this task you would have to travel the full distance.

Theoretical route of a rubbish removal team in a city area.

Optimised Collection Route After Processing Information From The Smart Bins

And this might be your route if you have already received the information about the state of the bins in the area. That will save you time, in which you can take care of the disposal of the rubbish, instead of driving around in traffic for no real reason.

The route of a rubbish removal team in a city area that has smart bins.

Smart Bin Rubbish Collection System and Commercial Clients

The benefits of a system, like the one installed to serve Leeds rubbish collection, might come from commercial clients. Now that is something completely different! Those clients are constantly generating waste, it is a byproduct of their work or it is just being accumulated by a large number of people working there. It does not matter. The important thing is that those clients would need a service that is constant. Now we are not talking about domestic emergencies, now we are dealing with sustainable business relations. To those clients, any contractor would be more than happy to provide a service well developed and innovative like the one possible only with “Smart Bins”. In that case, we would have digits with which to work, calculate the expenses for the client and for us, and from that point think ahead and invest in the future, in technology. In the endpoint, this will resolve in a much better and effective commercial rubbish collection service, which will be more appealing to the customers.


In essence, the system works, it is already in use and already brings results. But those results are valuable only when you look at the bigger picture. When you look at entire cities, their clean streets, walls and better kept facilities. Or when you are looking to serve a commercial client and provide a different experience, something to make you take a step in front of your competitors. When we look at our own homes all that seems a bit too much, at least for the moment. Smart bins, like every other product of the technology evolution, are developing and there are already devices that can serve well in a domestic environment. Like a smart bin that can sort rubbish on its own. Such bins are actually a fact and are often installed on campuses where people have trouble sorting their rubbish correctly for one reason or other. Those bins are raising the numbers of recycled waste by around 80% percent. Admirable numbers, imagine a bin like that in every home. If only we got a penny for every time we wondered which goes where in front of the recycle bins, right? As usual, we at Tom's Junk Collectors would appreciate any information with which you guys can contribute to the topic. Until next time!


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