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Weekly Vs. Fortnightly Rubbish Removal - Insects, Animals and Bacteria Around Rubbish

Hello to all our customers and all that got here on our little blog spot one way or another. We are happy that you are here and we are thrilled to welcome any newcomers. Today we are about to look at something that some may find interesting and other could find even scary.

With today's way of living, we are always in the hurry! Our attention span is lower, not because we are getting less interested in all topics possible! It is because we are just constantly on the run. It is our way of living now, it is how we eat, sleep and do everything. Sometimes we are just trying to cut some time for yourself, sometimes to save money or other resources, we constantly strive to optimise day to day life.

On the other hand, some things just demand you to pay attention and contribute a huge amount of time and resources. The reason for that is that if you don't do it right, it might cost you more than your initial investment. It is simple as that! Recently there was a confrontation between two fronts in our niche of work. One side claimed it was best for rubbish to be collected every week and the other claimed that it won't be a bad idea to cut loses and do it fortnightly. On first glance, that rubbish is not going anywhere, so what is the problem of it being collected fortnightly?

Well, we are here to lay out some of the reasons and we will start with the smallest of them and build up from there.

The Odor From Rubbish Collection Twice Per Week

Rubbish Bin In Alley

First of all, the more time your rubbish has spent just sitting in your yard the more it dissolves and turns into a massive factory of nasty odours. Your regular household rubbish often contains food leftovers and those bring up the most terrifying smells.

The Common Household Rubbish

All this is now sitting in a plastic rubbish container in your back or front yard. If it is winter time it will probably be ok, but in the summer, boy oh boy the sweet aroma flying around that zone of your premises would be just, well stunning.

Animals Charging For Your Rubbish After The First Week

Orange fox on green background seeing something delicious

When we have this scents flying around our house, it is only a matter of time before animals caught on to it and look around in a search of a meal.

The problem is not that they will walk around your home and eat from the rubbish, the problem comes when they spill all of the contents of your rubbish bags on your entire yard. Which could lead to further contamination of your premises, eventually birds could gather around to quickly grab what they find interesting or tasty, which will leave you with extra feathers and excrements to clean. Right after you collect all the litter back in the bin, of course!

And those scavengers are not your biggest concern. When it comes to rubbish there is always insects involved.

Insect Infestation of Rubbish Bins

White maggots crawling in green waste

Those are the most common crawlers that go around household waste and there is just no way to skip meeting them.

Next to come and feast on your leftovers are our favorites, the rodents.

Rodents Will do The Rubbish Clearance Instead of You

Rodent in a burger, reaching for a piece of chease

The more your junk sits before it being collected the more wildlife it is going to lure and the more animals pass through it the risk of a serious contamination rises.

Why do we say that residents are our favorite? We were ironic, of course, nobody likes them. And the simple reason for that is because of they transmit many diseases. A disease that can inflict on humans and in fact could be even fatal! Rats, for instance, spread the sickness with their urine, they can do it on your bin, on the handles or whatever, and the next time you touch that handle you are under the potential risk of getting sick from a bacteria transmitted through that very rat.

This is the main problem with collecting rubbish fortnightly, it stretches the chances for animals to spread rubbish around your home and that way spreads bacteria! Plus, two weeks is a perfect incubating period for million types of bacteria in your rubbish. And some of those bacterias are from the “plague” family.

Bacteria Infestation of Household Rubbish

Bacteria on green background

This is our cornerstone in the argument, weekly vs. fortnightly rubbish collection. You must NOT give time for all those bacterias to developments in huge number. As you probably know the human body can tolerate a certain number of bacteria, but when we are talking about millions... Let's just say things take a different course.

The more time the rubbish spent in the rubbish bin the bigger the bacteria colonies get, and the bigger colonies of bacteria you have in your rubbish the bigger is the risk for it to trigger illness in you.

How to Prevent Large Number of Bacteria to Evolve in Your House Waste

First of all make sure you dispose of your rubbish, at least once per week! If you can't do it and your council is not providing with proper rubbish removal, contact a rubbish clearance firm like us. If you are living in the London area we would be happy to assist with  London rubbish collection. And it is a great idea to clean and sanitize your rubbish bins once in a while. Book a wheelie bin cleaning service from us or a colleague, of course, we want you to be our client, but furthermore, we want you to stay healthy! Have a great week! And manage your rubbish at the end of it!



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