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We like to make things simple for our customers. To make your choice easier we published our prices and a handful of benefits up-front.

We usually charge by volume, but heavy waste or construction materials, such as rubble, timber, wood, and soil may be charged by weight rather than volume. If you are not sure about your waste' cubic yardage or exactly how much it weights, please contact us and we can provide you with a reasonably accurate estimate.

Tom's Junk Collectors Price List

Junk Removal Prices

Yd3KgTotal PriceIncluded Time
Min charge max 50 £ 67.00 5 min
3 Yd3 max 250 £ 120.00 15 min
6 Yd3 max 500 £ 175.00 30 min
9 Yd3 max 760 £ 230.00 45 min
12 Yd3 max 1000 £ 295.00 60 min
Price per Kg / Yd3
*For Household and Domestic waste the price is based on the Volume and the Weight of the waste for disposal
*For Builders and General mixed waste the price is based ot the Weight of the waste for disposal

Our prices include:

Supplement Charges

Required Eco fees Price
Mattress £38
Domestic Fridge/Aircon unit £75
Commercial Fridge/freezer unit £140
Computer Monitor/TV £10
UPS/Car battery £15
Fluorescent tube £5


We cover within M25 for commercial and only North West London for private customers.

We always collect the dirty water and recycle it after the service.

How large is a cubic yard?

How Large is a Cubic YardA cubic yard is 3ft high, 3 ft wide and 3 ft deep, which is about the size of ten rubble bags, two washing machines, a large upholstered armchair, or a domestic fridge freezer. Of course every item can turn out a bit different-bigger or larger than expected. But no need to worry, as we always confirm the exact cubic yardage before we start.


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