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Safe, Prompt and Reliable E-Waste Disposal in London

London E-waste Disposal ServicesIf your home or office is already full of old electronic gadgets, old appliances and utility machines, you may need adequate assistance for the removal of so many large items. Don't bother with e-waste disposal by yourself, Tom's Junk Collectors can fulfil your need of electronic waste disposal in London. No matter what is the size of your junk, we will make it disappear from your property. Old oven, broken TV, smelly washing machine, useless fridge or a PC ready for retirement – we will remove them from your sight!

The experts of electronic disposal in London have the proficiency to deal with all aspects of their job – they are physically fit and experienced to successfully free you of all the items you don't want around anymore. 

What Benefits Await You When You Hire Us for Electronic Waste Disposal in London?

Hiring Tom's Junk Collectors brings to you many advantages. First and foremost – you will receive superb services at affordable price rates. In addition, there are several more perks for you:

Responsible Waste Disposal Eco-friendly services - we make sure that all your gadgets will be recycled rather than end up in a waste depot
Customisable junk removal services Customisable services – you can combine our electronic waste removal with any of the services offered by Tom's Junk Collectors and enjoy the discounts
Reputable Junk Removal Company Five-star quality of services – you will receive all the attention to detail you need
All-sized junk collection vans Excellent logistics – adequately sized and fast vans
Quality electronic waste disposal services Strict quality control – we guarantee the results of our work

Type of Electronics We Collect

We will rid you of all the electronics you don't want anymore, including the following:

Oven disposal: You are worried by the size and encumbrance of your oven? You are probably right – it would be great if you leave this matter to us. Instead of calling your neighbours and worry about the favour you should do in return, call us for oven disposal now!

TV disposal: The TV sets are large and unwieldy, especially the older ones. Don't risk serious injuries relying on yourself alone. We will do the TV disposal, and let you enjoy your free time without risking back pain and serious consequences.

Washing machine disposal: It is one of the heaviest appliances in your home and the whole set of plug-ins and cables can be extremely difficult to handle. Luckily, we have the skills for washing machine disposal.

Fridge disposal: your old fridge is so unwieldy that you actually risk breaking of your toes if the process of removal is not careful enough. You can also encounter some nasty obstacles on your way. Instead of breaking your bones, floor tiles or even walls, call us for quick and efficient fridge disposal.

Computer disposal: when it's time to say goodbye to your old PC, we will find the best use for your gadget. We will assemble it, load it and give it for recycling.

How to Properly Dispose of Hazardous Waste

Some electronic gadgets are labelled as hazardous. Since our policy excludes collection of such items, we would like to give you a few tips on how to get rid of hazardous e-waste. Fortunately, many hazardous materials can be reused. For example, acetone can be recovered from spent solvents and lead from metals. Same applies for zinc, used oil, hydraulic fluids, fridge compressors, batteries and more. The best move is to look for municipality-regulated land disposal areas. Our list of local household re-use and recycling centres can help you find out where are the available waste compactors in your area.

E-waste Disposal - FAQs

How do you charge for E-waste collection?

Our prices depend on the amount of waste we collect from you – nothing more or nothing less! We don't require deposits from our clients – you will pay only after we finish our job. We also provide our customers with free, non-obligation quotes. There are no hidden charges or extra fees.

What is the availability of your team?

We work every day of the week – even during bank holidays the team is ready to collect junk from your property. We are available daily from 8.00am to 8pm. We offer same-day services, too. Rescheduling and viewing are free of charge.

What type of waste you collect?

We collect all types of electronic waste from homes and offices. We remove ovens, TV sets, washing machines, refrigerators, computers and other appliances. We never collect hazardous waste!


"I recently treated myself with a professional removal service to take care of all my garage cluttering. I am happy..."

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