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How To Cash Your Trash: Recycle Money Making

In every household, rubbish accumulates throughout the day. Set aside the organic waste from the kitchen. You already know how to deal with that and make it work in your favour while making your garden soil richer with minerals for your flowers and veggies. If you are not familiar with the process read this article. Household also accumulate a great deal of paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and all kinds of packaging waste, old furniture, electronics, metals and so on. You may not realise with a lot of the above mentioned you are actually throwing away even gold at platinum. Check our article on the value of electronic waste.

In this article, we will look at the ways to make some money on all those reaches that usually go to the landfill. We will look at things from our own perspective and try to reveal some money making tips.

Making “Paper” Out of Paper

Paper strings.

Let us proceed with the type of waste you probably have the most around your house. The occasional newspapers, magazines, old wallpaper that you saved just in case, old posters of your once beloved group or football team and many more. See, nostalgic feelings make us save those pieces of paper and store them in shoe boxes or whatever, just because we want to rest assured that the memories of them are kept somewhere safe. You will most likely never look at those things again, to be honest. So the key thing is for you to be honest with yourself and just get rid of them. There is a plus side is you or your older brother saved them back in the day, now they are probably worth more. And if not, just recycle them. Do nature a small favour and recycle every piece of paper. Paper is largely recycled material and depos will take your stashed newspapers gladly. However, give them a quick look up. As it turns out old newspaper could score you a couple of quids from 2 to 20 and more depends on the year of publishing. There is a dedicated category for newspapers on eBay and with a quick search, you can find some memorabilia as well.

Hint: You can always use the newspaper that has no real value as wallpaper. (it is a bit of hassle but the end result is lovely) Or you can wrap furniture, maybe a coffee table covered in old newspaper front pages. You have to dip the pages in glue, put in on top of the pre-cleaned table and continue layering. At the end, you can polish and have your unique coffee table. But, those are for the DIY maniacs out there.

Cash For Clothes, Cash From Clothes

Different colour clothes in cirle

Ladies, ladies, breathe, please! Ok, of course, that you can make money out of your old clothes. You can always just donate them as well. But let's face it if you spent a handful of money for a boutique dress and it just doesn't fit you anymore yo won’t donate it to charity… It a dress, in particular, won’t do any good to someone in great need in most cases anyway. What you can do, however, is sell that dress ASAP! There are a number of sites on the internet that are established ideally for the purpose of selling clothing. Ignore big website like eBay and Amazon on which you can sell basically everything. The websites we are talking about are filled only with clothes, lots of clothes. For instance, Vinted is a place where you can sell or SWAP clothes with other people. Find your size and swap or name your price and sell! Also, H&M will cut 5 pounds off every 30 pounds you spend in the store if you bring a supermarket bag full of clothes. They could be in any condition and from any brand...

Hint: You will probably have some clothes that are no good for nothing. At least you think so… If you are good with the needle and string you can always cut the drags in patches and saw a blanket perhaps, or a pillow cover. Those are some pretty cool looking designs and an eye catcher on selling sites. If not, you can always use those clothes for rags and dog toys. If they are not making you money, they should at least save you some!

Can Glass Score You Money

Bottles of beer in the grass.

Various bottles laying around from soft drinks and lagger. The bottles come in various shapes, sizes, the thickness of the glass and colour. If you are returning cullet it’s price depends on the colour of the glass. The prices are listed below, according to colour and per ton for 2017.

Colour From To
Brown  13 20 
Clear   16 26 
Green   3 12 
Mixed   4 15 
MRF Glass   -28 -4 

Almost every glass could be recycled, so don’t just throw it away in the common bin… For instance, 60 jam jars were sold for 20 pounds on eBay.

Hint: Again for the DIY-ers out there. A hand decorated wine bottles are being sold on Etsy, eBay and so on. The price is solely dependent on your invested time, materials and love, of course. Anyways, it is way more than the couple of “p” you are getting from the depot and the designs are highly respected from the community. Give it a try, it does worth it. Clocks made out of bottles are also an interesting idea, unleash your imagination and score some cash.

Tin for Gold

Talking by a wire and tin can.

If you find a lot of those during your spring decluttering don't think twice! Collect them and bring them to the recycle center. Tin is actually the most profitable thing you may find in your house and return for recycling. In the UK you stand to win the small amount of 50p. per kilogram of tin cans. In the UK you can find places where to recycle tin here.



The biggest chance of a decent profit is in your used electronics. No matter if they work or not. An old phone can win you up to 25 pounds in the UK or up to 30$ in the US. Most people have at least two old phones that they don't use anymore and three if they are below 20 years old. And those numbers are the minimum. Imagine that money in your pocket. An old PC can net you 60£ in the UK and up to 70$ in the US. Get paid, declutter. British Gas offers discounts on your bills if you recycle your old mobile through tradeinmymobile.

Wine Cork For Wine Cash

Cork in the grass

Apparently DIY people are mad about those. There are tons of tips how to, and what to make out of them. From fishing bobbers to campfire starters. The important thing about us, at least at the moment is that we can make 5 from around 30 pieces of wine corks… That is a lot of wine. And to be honest you have to be pretty rich to by that much wine with corks! Because nowadays most bottled wines are with plastic caps… Of course, the good stuff is still with cork! Anyways, we are not here to judge. If you have the corks, and you are willing to store them, do it. Sell online, experiment with prices, I doubt that 5 pounds are the best you can do.

Ramekins Recycle Money

Dessert in a small jar

People save those for tea candle holders, dessert dishes, pots and so on. If you enjoy you casual dessert and have some ramekins stored you can resell them online. The price depends on the size and the number, of course. You can just recycle them with the other glass as well, but if the value is what you seek, the best value is to sell them as a set online.

Vintage Coffee Tins

Coffee tin and coffee beans.

Coffee and tobacco have their own cults. A large number of people that surely enjoy the substances and collect everything that has to do with them. Some find it interesting others find it pointless. If you net a coffee tin during your decluttering don’t rush and throw it with the rest of the tin for recycling. Why? Because maybe it is a rare vintage tin that can win you a couple of quid. The most expensive tin I found with just a 5 min browse was almost 400 quid! Keep your eyes open while you are digging through your clutter storage.

Hint: Carefully observe everything “old” that you found during your decluttering. Remember, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Collectors can pay good money for an item that they miss in their collections. Coffee tins are widely collected items, that is why they are not in the “tin” section of this article. Be smart with your rubbish!

Money From Used Toilet Paper

Toilet paper rolls

Yes! Manufacturers now make rolls that can dissolve in water to “spare” us the “trouble” of figuring out what to do with those rolls. Well, if you had trouble finding out what to do with those rolls, those days are over. The answer is simple, collect them! The more you have the more you can demand for your pack. Those are again resoled online. Those rolls are just so perfect for different DIY projects, storage hacks even gardening tricks. A toilet paper roll is a perfect way to plant a young tree, for instance. Keep in mind that the cardboard rolls from kitchen paper are a bit more expensive ;) The prices for toilet paper rolls are all over the place, but you can easily score 15 pounds for 30 rolls.

Cooking Oil For Greasy Money and Biodiesel

Frying cooking oil.

Restaurants and other facilities of which cooking is the main activity are being regularly visited by collectors. The job of those collectors is to take the used cooking oil that accumulated in those kitchens and then recycle it. The product is the so-called biodiesel. This new source of energy has quite a big potential and in Scotland, it is now possible to pay your bus pass with biodiesel… More here. In the U.K you can score theater or cinema tickets when turning in used oil for recycling. You will have to investigate the standpoint of cooking oil in your borough.


If you have some items that still could be used – Do a yard sale, you will only need to tell the local gossip girls a date and time and they will do the marketing part for you. Laying your unwanted items on the lawn with a price tag on. Don't get greedy, you are probably throwing or donating those items anyway. Put a symbolical price on them and make sure that you will get the maximum out of the sale. It is also a good way to do something for your local community. If you have a car booth nearby it is best to visit it. It already has an established customer base, sort of speak. That way you will boost your chances of selling everything. Plus, if something breaks soon after the sale at least the buyer won't be your neighbour... Revenge is sweet, right?

And if you are gifted enough to follow some “How To” DIY guides and actually make something out from the rubbish you have collected you stand to make an even bigger profit. But it is time-consuming, you will again need a lot of space to keep your products until you sell them and that kinda ruins the declutter process. Cmon, don’t be that greedy, leave it to professional DIYers, something that I guess is a thing now.

At the end of it all if all of the ideas didn't work for you. Give Tom's Junk Collectors a call and they will remove the rubbish from your property. Well, in this case, you will have to pay. Don't worry! The prices are not high at all, as a matter of fact, we carefully examine the market and keep relevant and competitive.


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